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EPA Identifier: 110007976315
CERCLIS ID: 110007976315
35.3596, -108.0348

1M E OF NM RT 412 OLD US RT 66

Create Date: 01-MAR-00
Update Date: 07-FEB-13
Final Date: 19900830

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SIC Codes: 2911
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Federal Register Notice:  August 30, 1990

Conditions at proposal (June 24, 1988): The Prewitt Abandoned Refinery Site occupies 75 acres just east of Prewitt on U.S. Highway 65 in McKinley County, New Mexico. Tract A, consisting of 68.2 acres south of the highway, contains the ruins of the refinery, including waste pits, tank bases, and other rubble from equipment that has been removed. Tract B, consisting of 6.8 acres north of the highway, includes two major spill areas and the remains of a pump lift station.

Site operations began in the early 1940s and continued for 25 years under several different owners and operators, including Petroleum Products Refining Co., Petroleum Products Refining and Producing Co., Malco Refineries, New Mexico Asphalt and Refining Co., Malco Asphalt and Refining Co., and El Paso Natural Gas Products Co. The Navajo Indian Tribe has owned the property since December 1966.

According to information provided to EPA under CERCLA Section 103(c), El Paso Natural Gas Products Co. deposited crude refinery wastes at the site and Petroleum Products Refinery and Producing Co. deposited wastes listed as hazardous under Subtitle C of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

In December 1982, the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Division detected benzene in a nearby private well, and in May 1986 detected benzene and xylenes in an on-site well to a depth of 17 feet. Wells within 3 miles of the facility provide water to a public community water system, a public noncommunity water system, private homes, and livestock. An estimated 1,600 people are served by ground water.

Status (August 30, 1990): The former owners of the site have agreed to reduce the immediate hazards posed by the site by constructing a security fence and treating well water to remove hydrocarbons. Water treatment for five homes has been completed.

The former owners entered into an Administrative Order on Consent with EPA under CERCLA Section 106 on July 11, 1989. Under the order, they are conducting a remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) to determine the type and extent of contamination at the site and identify alternatives for remedial action.

Institutional Controls:
Media Where IC Applies
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Restriction Type Instrument
Ground Water
Prohibit Ground Water Well Installation/Construction
(p. 4, Section 2 (g)) Except as specifically permitted by these Covenants, the use, construction and/or drilling of water wells or injection wells (other than for environmental remediation) and/or the development of groundwater supplies on the Property shall be prohibited on the Property
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Document Issuance, Implementation  January 03, 2006