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Computer Circuits Superfund National Priorities List (NPL) Site

EPA Identifier: NYD125499673
CERCLIS ID: NYD125499673
40.813194, -73.24611

Hauppauge, NY

Final Date: 19990510

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SIC Codes: 3629, 3679
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Federal Register Notice:  May 10, 1999 (PDF) (8 pp, 189K, About PDF)

Conditions at Proposal (July 1998): Computer Circuits is an inactive facility located on a 1.7-acre lot in an industrial/commercial area of Hauppauge, Suffolk County, New York. It is bordered by Marcus Boulevard to the west and other commercial businesses to the north, south, and east. The property is occupied by a one-story building that is located near the center of the site. Prior to 1969, the property was vacant. From 1969 to the present, the property has been owned by MCS Realty, who has been leasing the property to various companies. From 1969 to 1977 Computer Circuits occupied the entire property. Four companies have occupied the property since Computer Circuits vacated it. These include a trade school (1977 to 1980), NAV-TEC, an assembler of electronic components (1980 to 1983), and TYMSHARE, a tax form preparation company (1983 to 1989). The site is currently occupied by Algorex Power and Control Electronics, Incorporated.

Computer Circuits was a manufacturer of printed circuit boards for both military and commercial applications. Various chemicals were used in the manufacturing process including copper sulfate, nickel, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, lead fluoroborate, fluorides, copper, trichloroethylene, photography chemicals, gold cyanate, ammonia, lead, nitric acid, and tin. Waste liquids from the manufacturing process were discharged to five cesspools located to the southeast of the building. These cesspools were subsequently disposal. In 1975 Computer Circuits applied for and was issued State Pollution Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) Permit No. 0075485, Permit Reference No. 47-0384 from the New York State Department of Environmental Conversation (NYSDEC). This permit, which was effective from April 1975 to April 1977, allowed Computer Circuits to discharge effluent containing copper, iron, nickel, lead, silver, and phenol to outfall No. 001, which led to the cesspool system. On numerous occasions between 1976 and 1977, the Suffolk County Department of Environmental Control (SCDOEC) collected samples from the cesspools, and found that copper and lead were consistently detected at levels above the SPDES permit limits. Computer Circuits has an inspection history detailing poor housekeeping practices, and numerous inspections conducted by the SCDOEC indicated repeated violations. An inspection conducted in 1976 revealed that the site was littered with trash, broken barrels, and spilled piles of chemicals and blue/green colored sludges.

In 1989 an Order on Consent Investigation Report of Computer Circuits was conducted on behalf of MCS Realty. During the investigation, three monitoring wells (MW's) were installed at one upgradient and two downgradient locations. In 1996, an EPA contractor conducted a Hazard Ranking System sampling investigation of the site. Fourteen subsurface soil samples were collected from the cesspool areas and background locations on the property. Chemical analysis of the samples indicated the presence of volatile organic compounds and inorganic constituents at levels significantly above the background levels established for the site. In addition, three monitoring wells were installed on the site property at one upgradient and two downgradient locations. Ground water samples were collected from the three monitoring wells installed (MW 4, MW 5, and MW 6) and two of the existing monitoring wells (MW 2 and MW 3). It should be noted that there is a discrepancy in the sampling trip report. MW 6 is identified as an upgradient monitoring well, however, a review of historical information indicated that another cesspool existed on the site in the area where MW 6 is located, therefore changing its status to a downgradient monitoring well location. Chemical analysis of the ground water samples indicated the presence of copper at levels significantly above the background levels established for the site.

The Computer Circuits site overlies an interconnected aquifer system consisting of the Upper Glacial Aquifer and the Magothy Formation. Within four miles of the site all residents obtain their drinking water from potable wells with 60 municipal wells located within four miles of the site. The site is located over a New York State designated Wellhead Protection Area.

Status (May 1999): EPA is considering various alternatives for the site.